Artwork © Marius Michael-George


Attunements I currently offer from a distance are:

Abundance Prosperity Reiki

Abundance Prosperity Reiki is a new way energy work to create more abundance and prosperity in your life. This form of Reiki is for all forms of abundance and prosperity, so more than financial only.
In 1998 this type of energy work was passed on to a woman named Jane Peterson during a meditation in Nevada, USA. Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of prosperity, gave her a new symbol and all the particularities about this new source of energy.
Jane worked with the energies personally before she contacted Bro. David Paul, CHC from Dallas, Texas, USA. David Paul worked with this new source of energy for a while; and in 2003 he received the two extra symbols. He was led by Hindu God Ganesha.

Abundance Prosperity Reiki is thought to be a 4th dimensional form of Reiki that assists the Earth energies and collective consciousness. It helps you manifest abundance and prosperity for yourself, your family, clients, and also the world. Abundance of peace, gratitude and spirituality are the energy’s broader goals.

Abundance Prosperity Reiki consists of 2 levels.

In the near future I will also offer Kundalini Reiki, Levels 1 to 3